Lohana Leicester


The Lohana Committee takes great pride in operating a successful association for its members throughout the year. We are dedicated to supporting you and welcome new ideas and activities so please contact us with your views and feedback.

The elders in our community bring with them experience, tradition and culture. These respected 65 and better can teach us things that otherwise can’t be learned from books, including the value of family, the importance of community support and stories from our roots.

Living outside of India we tend to value and hold on to our culture more than people living in India. The Lohana Community promotes musical, dance and cultural traditions. Many of our youth participate in cultural activities in school. We also encourage dance and musical events at our functions so that there is a platform for our youth to perform in.

A family that prays together stays together. Many of our social events always begin with a prayer. Several of our current events are prayer-oriented like Jalaram Jayanti and Hanuman Jayanti. These are done so that we can cater to the growing elderly base in our community and also to keep our youngsters engaged in our roots. We are not a religious organization but welcome the learning of our culture and heritage as Lohanas.

We are all about community service and can still do much more. The committee sponsors various Donation Drives throughout the year, including our much-loved Summer Camp for the youth and kids. More ideas and participation is welcome.

We have an outstanding support team who has dedicated their personal time to helping those who have lost a loved family member or friend.  This team of volunteers is seeking to educate others who want to be equally devoted to helping and supporting others in these roles.  It is a topic that we should all be aware of, as it impacts us at some point in our lives.  Please contact a member of the Bereavement Committee for further information. 

As a Lohana, we want you to participate in our events, network and make friends, learn and teach, support and encourage, always in a positive and enhancing manner. Most of all, have fun and grow as a person, a learner, a teacher, and a Lohana.

Unite with us because:

“Unity is Strength”!